Below are assessment and analysis tools I developed.

Questions? Please contact me at alexmillner[at]gmail[dot]com.

Interviews/Self-Report Measures

Pathway to Suicide Action Interivew (PSAI) - This interview assesses "suicide planning steps," particularly the timing of planning steps prior to a suicide attempt.

Fine-grained Suicidal Thoughts and Actions - These questions are largely similar to those in the PSAI but were asked in self-report form, administed in Millner, Lee, & Nock (2015).

Behavioral Tasks

Escape/Avoidance Go/NoGo Reinforcement Learning task - This paradigm, adapted from Guitart-Masip et al., assesses decision-making while escaping and avoiding aversive outcomes.

Analysis Tools

pyiat - A Python package to analyze the Implicit Association Test.